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Personal injury solicitors are a key part of the no win no fee process. Especially when it comes to no win no fee cases, it is important to know exactly what a solicitor can do for you in your time of need. These are three of the most common questions personal injury victims have about working with a no win no fee solicitor.

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Here is the three step process that will help you cut the length of your road to recovery in half.

1. Why do I need a no win no fee solicitor?

No win no fee solicitors are great because they truly fight for your cause. Due to the unique pay structure, no win no fee solicitors want to see you win as much as you do. In addition, they have decided to specialize in the area, making them experts at UK injury law.

One of, if not the, best things about working with a no win no fee solicitor is that there is absolutely no risk. The chance of you slipping into further financial instability is completely eliminated. Why? Simple. If you are unlucky enough to lose, you will not be responsible for paying your solicitor fees.

2. How do they get paid?

Good question. If you don't have to pay solicitor fees upfront, how are they making money? The answer is different dependent upon the outcome of your claim. If you win, the losing party typically pays for your solicitor's costs, while your solicitor may take part of your compensation (up to a maximum of 25%) as a success fee. Of course, the very nature of no win no fee compensation claims is that you do not have to pay solicitor fees if you lose.

How can no win no fee solicitors afford to offer this kind of service? They avoid taking on cases they do not believe they can win. Fortunately, most personal injury claims are straightforward with clear evidence and wrongdoing. As long as you have sufficient evidence, a solicitor should be willing to take your claim. Read our no win no fee FAQs section for more information.

3. And I get 100% of the compensation?

It is important that you search your contract for a 100% compensation clause. While many solicitors offer this clause, some do not. This is definitely something you want to ask about before signing on the dotted line.

If there is no 100% compensation clause, your solicitor may take up to 25% of your compensation as additional payment. This means you will receive 75% of the compensation and not have to pay solicitor fees. If there is a 100% compensation clause, you will receive the entire amount and the other party will pay your solicitor fees for you.

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