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    About the Claims 4 Free Website

    Claims4Free has been in operation since 2002 and has always tried to stay one step ahead in the industry and has never resorted to cold calling, call centres, promising large cheques, pushy advertising, selling insurance policies, selling third party products such as car repair etc. and has always tried to find the best solutions to a sometimes very tricky section of law. We have co-operated with every government body involved in the process, have consulted with many quality firms on their advertising strategies and have a very happy client list.

    This website is not an online claims processing solution, in fact, with the current laws in place in the UK such is not even possible. This site does not handle any cases and we do not give out legal advice on the site or via email. To run a personal injury claim in the United Kingdom you still need to either handle the claim yourself or you can use a qualified solicitor. We have built a website where users can find general information about claiming and various claim types. We also list news articles that impact this section of the legal system and from time to time you will see advertisements by firms on our site offering assistance with your claim. We are funded by the advertising on this site.

    The people involved in creating and managing the Claims4Free website do have experience with the personal claims industry going as far back as the original Claims Direct “incident” (I can’t believe it took the government this long to step in!). We’ve seen it all and been involved in the many changes this industry has taken. We hope to remain and provide any service we can to help.

    There have been several times in the course of this site’s 5-year existence where we were ready to pack up and move on when the industry looked like it was about to turn in the completely wrong direction (many believe it still has) but we’ve kept going because our position gives us a unique opportunity to work closely with some charities that we have always wanted to work with – (see them here).

    So, when all is said and done we hope you find this resource helpful and we hope that it gives you the incentive to seek out the best representation you can find for your case.