Accident Claims

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    Accident Claims

    Being involved in any kind of accident which leaves you injured, traumatised or suffering long term ill health is an upsetting and difficult thing to have to cope with. Of course, there are many times when the accident in question may have been your own fault, in which case you have little option but to pick yourself up, learn from your experiences and try to move on. If someone else was to blame, however, then things aren’t quite so simple.

    If another party was responsible for the circumstances which led up to your accident – whether this other party is a person, a business or some other kind of body – then you may well be in a position to make an accident claim for compensation, meaning that you needn’t be out of pocket yourself following any expenses incurred by the accident.

    Expenses can include the likes of travel expenses, medical expenses and, in the longer term, any loss of income brought about by the impact the accident may have had on your ability to keep going to work and earning a wage.

    What type of accidents can I claim for?

    While there are accidents of every imaginable kind, most of the cases that injury solicitors deal with can be slotted into one of the following categories:

    • Slips, trips or falls
    • Criminal injury
    • Accidents at work
    • Medical negligence
    • Road traffic accidents

    What is the accident claim process?

    In order to be eligible for a compensation claim, an accident has to meet two basic criteria. First of all, the accident in question needs to have resulted in either a physical or psychological injury or ongoing ill health. The other central part of a successful claim is that the accident in question was the fault of another party. Someone else was negligent, didn’t do their job properly or behaved in a reckless manner and you’re suffering as a result. In circumstances such as these, we happen to think that a reasonable level of compensation is the very least you can ask for.

    The majority of personal injury solicitors work on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis. What this means is that, for the vast majority of claims, you won’t need to pay anything whatsoever up front to secure the services of an expert lawyer. If you should be unlucky enough to lose your claim, all of the costs involved will be fully covered. The only consideration you have to bear in mind when deciding whether to pursue a claim is whether you genuinely deserve compensation – nobody need hesitate through fear of how much the process might cost.

    If you’ve suffered as the result of an accident and feel you may be in a position to make a claim then contact a trained legal adviser today via our website or by dialling 0800 234 6438. When you do call, try to tell them as many details of the incident as you can – details such as the time, date, place, exact circumstances and any witnesses who may have been present. Your trained adviser will listen to you and give an honest evaluation of your case and whether you are genuinely in a position to make a claim. Due to the fact that most solicitors only take on cases which they feel certain they can win, you’ll get a totally honest appraisal and, if they do feel you have a case for compensation, your trained legal adviser will hand you on to a professional personal injury lawyer.

    Do I need an injury lawyer to make an accident claim?

    To give yourself the best possible chance of winning your claim, the services of experienced injury lawyers are invaluable. The best injury lawyers have dealt with every type of accident imaginable, and they’ll work closely with you to build the strongest possible case. On the most practical level, they’ll detail any out of pocket expenses incurred directly by the accident – things such as travelling expenses and medical costs. Following this, there may well be a certain amount to claim as a reflection of the severity of your injuries, and also to compensate for any current or future loss of earnings. The vast majority of cases never even reach court, since people find it quicker and easier to settle them out of court, but if you should have to appear in court then the knowledge that you’re being guided by a seasoned professional will greatly alleviate any stress involved.

    How much does an accident claim cost?

    This is, of course, one of the very first questions accident victims ask. As an accident victim, financial stability is at the forefront of your thoughts. Will seeking compensation be more trouble than it’s worth? Are you risking your savings by fighting for lost wages or compensation for pain and suffering? These are all important questions that you need answers to before making an accident claim.

    So, how much does an accident claim cost? It shouldn’t cost you a penny. The wonderful thing about UK personal injury law is that it put a focus on the victims’ rights and interests. If you want to seek justice for an accident that resulted from someone else’s negligence or intentional harm, it won’t cost you a thing.

    For you personally, making an accident claim using a no win no fee solicitor is absolutely free. You will not have to pay solicitor fees, court fees or any other legal fees upfront. Obviously, these fees are being paid, but not directly from your pocket. What’s great about the no win no fee system is that it does not put you in further financial jeopardy, or deter you from seeking justice and compensation.

    The accident claim cost is so reasonable because of the no win no fee system. If you have proof that you endured a form of suffering as the result of someone’s negligence, you can find a solicitor to help you free of charge. If you lose your case, there is no fee and you are no worse off than you were before. If you win your case, a maximum of 25% of your compensation is taken to cover your solicitor’s fees.

    How long will my claim take?

    The actual length of time a claim will take, from first contact to the payment of compensation, varies greatly, with cases such as medical negligence, for example, being longer and more complicated than most. However, in cases where the other side has admitted liability and agrees to a reasonable compensation settlement, it could be a matter of only months.

    No matter how long it takes, your solicitor won’t give you any unrealistic expectations and will work as long as it takes to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

    Will I have to go to court?

    Going to court can be an added source of stress for accident victims. In fact, that is why some people decide not to make a claim at all. The hassle of attending a court date while trying to navigate the complexities that come with being an accident victim can often be too much. Fortunately, there is some good news for those looking to make an accident claim.

    Most accident claims do not actually go to court. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. Approximately only 15% of claims are actually taken to court, while the other 85% are settled by injury lawyers outside the courtroom.

    Accident claims are expensive to deal with, especially in court. Both sides only end up paying more than they would had the claim been settled out of court. If both sides are reluctant to go to court, the chances of it happening are slim.

    If the evidence you provide clearly defines liability and suffering, your claim will not likely go to court. The straightforward cases, the ones solicitors most often accept, are almost always settled out of court to save expenses on both sides.

    There is no way to guarantee that your claim will not go to trial. Statistically, it is unlikely that it will, but it is not a sure thing. If there is an issue with your claim that both sides simply cannot agree on, your claim will find its way to court.

    Before your claim goes to trial, however, your solicitor will let you know. He or she will explain why the claim could not be settled out of court and explain the options available to you.

    While going to court is not ideal in your time of need, it is recommended that you see the claim through. If it’s in your best interest to proceed with the trial, your solicitor will let you know. In that case, you should definitely follow the legal advice.

    It may seem stressful, but remember that you have a legal professional with years of experience in accident claims on your side. Remember that he or she is genuinely interested in both justice and your full compensation. Going to trial doesn’t have to be a burden.