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Bonfire Night and Firework Safety Survey: The Results

November 9th, 2012

You may remember a few weeks back, we hosted a survey on this site posing questions related to Bonfire Night and, more specifically, firework safety. We wanted to learn just how educated our site visitors are when it comes to handling fireworks correctly, and whether any had experienced an accident as a result of misuse.

As suspected, not everyone manages to get through the annual celebration unscathed. From our results it would also seem the UK population could benefit from brushing up on basic firework safety protocol.

Along with the results for each of our questions, we have also included a few explanations and tips to help you ensure you and your loved ones enjoy 2013’s event without coming to any harm.

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Police Investigating Surgeon Ian Paterson, for Allegations of Botched and Unnecessary Breast Cancer Procedures

November 8th, 2012

UK headlines this morning are awash with the news of police investigations underway for a surgeon who has allegedly performed hundreds of botched – or completely unnecessary – breast cancer operations, at three hospitals located in the West Midlands.

The reputation of the surgeon has come under question as the result of around 90 women taking legal action against the Heart of England NHS Trust, and Spire Healthcare. Speculation is that surgeon, Ian Paterson, could have potentially carried out operations unnecessarily on more than 450 women in perfect health.

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Allergy Compensation Claims: National Nut Day

October 22nd, 2012

Today (22 October) is National Nut Day in the UK: an event to celebrate the nutritious, delicious and environmentally sustainable nature of all nuts. While eating nuts is enjoyed by many and can help skin glow and tresses shine, it is estimated 1 in 100 people across the country suffer from a nut allergy. These individuals are obviously unable to celebrate the occasion!
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Compensation for British Army Hearing Loss: What you need to know

October 17th, 2012

The ability to clearly communicate with and respond to others is imperative for those considering a career in the British Army. This is why those found to be suffering from any of the following hearing disorders are not eligible to join:

  • Existing ear drum perforation
  • Chronic ear diseases (e.g. cholesteatoma)
  • Presence of eardrum ‘grommets’
  • Any other condition which causes the applicant to fail the hearing test during the full medical examination

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Compensation Claims Through History

March 28th, 2012

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