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Accident at Work Questions

How do I know if my employer’s Health and Safety rules are correct?

Will a work accident claim affect my future employment prospects?

What evidence will I need to back up my work injury claim?

Will a compensation claim leave my employer out of pocket?

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Road Traffic Accident Questions

How can I claim in a hit and run accident?

Am I eligible to claim if I’ve had an accident due to tyre failure?

Am I covered in a taxi accident?

What happens if the other driver in my road accident is not insured?

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Car Accident Questions

I was injured when my car hit a pothole, can I make a claim?

How is compensation for car accident claims calculated?

Can I claim if I’m injured by an airbag failure?

Can I claim for the psychological impact of a car accident?

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Whiplash Injury Questions

If I get whiplash, how long after the accident can I claim?

I think I’ve suffered a whiplash injury, what should I do next?

How can I prove I have a whiplash injury?

Can whiplash occur even after a low speed collision?

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Medical Negligence Questions

A member of my family died due to negligence – can I claim on their behalf?

Is there any difference between claiming from the NHS and a private clinic?

I was given the wrong medication, can I make a claim?

What kind of mistakes are categorised as medical negligence?

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Motorbike Accident Questions

Can I claim if my accident was caused by an object being left on the road?

Can I claim for injuries even if there was no collision with my motorbike?

I crashed my motorbike on black ice, will I be able to claim compensation?

A relative has died in a motorbike accident, can I claim compensation?

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No Win No Fee Questions

Can I make a compensation claim on behalf of someone else?

Can every type of claim be pursued on a no win no fee basis?

Will I be out of pocket if I lose my no win no fee claim?

Do all no win no fee claims have to be decided in court?

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Slip, Trip & Fall Questions

How are slipping claims assessed?

Will I be able to claim if I slipped on snow?

What will I be claiming for if I trip or fall?

Isn’t a trip only a minor accident?

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Criminal Injury Questions

I was witness to a violent crime, can I make a claim?

How does criminal injury compensation differ from other types of injury cases?

How much criminal compensation can I expect to receive?

Nobody was arrested for the crime I suffered, can I still make a claim?

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Other Injury Questions

Can I claim compensation if I’m injured playing sport?

If faulty wiring causes a fire in my home, can I claim compensation?

I’m not completely certain who was responsible for my injury – can I still make a claim?

If I’m injured by something I bought from a shop, who do I make the claim against?

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Serious Accident Questions

Will I still be allowed to claim if my injuries are delayed?

Will I be compensated if my injuries force me to leave work?

Can I claim for medical expenses?

How is compensation calculated in the event of a limb being lost?

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