Criminal Injury Questions


What types of criminal injury can I claim compensation for?

If you’ve been injured as the result of a criminal act perpetrated by another party then you may well be in a position to seek compensation. For the purposes of making a claim, the injury in question can be either physical or psychological. You may, for example, have been badly beaten up in an unprovoked attack, in which case the injuries will be physical and fairly obvious.
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How will the criminal pay for my claim?

A crime is committed in the UK every five seconds. Just like when you are injured due to somebody’s negligence in an accident, you are entitled to compensation if you have been hurt due to somebody’s criminal actions. However, while employers and drivers have insurance to ensure they can payout any damages if you are left injured at work or on the road, this is not the case with criminals. Many perpetrators of crime don’t have any financial assets against which you can make a claim, so no matter how badly you have been injured you normally can’t claim damages directly from them.
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How is criminal injury compensation calculated?

Each year 14 million crimes are reported to the police in the UK. In addition, over a million victims of crime find themselves injured after a criminal act. If you have suffered a crime related injury, you may be eligible to make a criminal injury claim. Criminal injury isn’t always physical, but could be psychological; if you are present during a violent crime and have been left traumatised, for instance, you may be eligible to make a claim.
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