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No Win No Fee Injury Solicitors in Wales

Though many areas of law have been devolved to the National Assembly of Wales, personal injury claims in Wales are still governed by the joint legislation and can therefore be handled expertly by solicitors in England and Wales. Accidents in Wales qualify for the same compensatory amounts as England and, unlike Scotland, Welsh injuries claims will largely result in the claimant gaining 100% of their compensation. In Wales the no win, no fee offer is readily available from any Welsh solicitor which means that the running costs of the case and any third party awards are not payable by you should the case lose. Some Welsh solicitors may require you to take out legal insurance to cover such expenses and you may be required to pay for this insurance policy. Should this be the case, ask around to see if you can't get a better offer elsewhere as many can provide self-underwriting policies which do not have to be paid for by the claimant or many larger law firms in Wales will run the case without the requirement of legal insurance policies.

The only change in Wales relating to claims for compensation relates to those against the NHS i.e. medical negligence. The NHS Redress (Wales) Measure 2007 will try and change how compensation is awarded to those that have been the victim of neglect or malpractice in an NHS hospital in Wales. Any compensation claim will be dealt with by the governing body set up rather than proceeding through the courts. You still have the right to have a Welsh lawyer assist you with the case but as this is a new implementation you would be best to speak to lawyers in Wales to get a clearer and more up to date picture of how legal fees are paid in such cases.

Of course it was highlighted recently that the Welsh Assembly was not immune to accidents, or rather it's staff were not. Since it's creation there have been several claims totaling almost ninety thousand pounds all based around the usual office mishaps such as tripping over items and repetitive strain injuries. For an organization with thousands of employees across the world these figures are incredibly low.

It was a Welsh court that was one of the first reported cases of a council successfully prosecuting individuals who attempted to make a false claim against them. The individual claimed they had tripped over a broken paving slab in Caerphilly Council's district and sustained a knee injury which caused him to miss his football matches for 18 months. In fact, it was a football match on the day in question that had caused the injury and once found out the court ordered him to pay legal costs, estimated at over thirty thousand pounds, and sentenced him to 14 days in jail. His two witnesses were also convicted of contempt of court and fined one and half thousand pounds each.

Welsh compensation claims, due to the general layout of the population in that part of the UK, will normally be run from a distance whether you use a solicitor in England or Wales. Such is common practice and nearly all aspects of you claim can be managed via telephone calls and through the post. Welsh accidents do not have to be pursued by Welsh lawyers to feel free to call around until you find a law firm that sounds like they are particularly knowledgeable about your particular injury claim. You will find, especially with criminal injury and medical negligence compensation claims, that some firms specialise in a particular claim type which really does give great advantage, not only in the chances of that case succeeding, but also in the speed at which that claim proceeds.

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Please note that although your case may be taken on a no win no fee basis, you could be liable for termination fees based on the length of time spent on your claim, or if your solicitor is forced to abandon your case because you do not fully cooperate with them by, for example, providing misleading information to them, not appearing in court when required, or not attending scheduled medical/expert examinations.

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